, , , everyone for reading, commenting and following my blog, it’s really appreciated and amazes me actually! To celebrate my 100th post (yes I have been wittering on for that long) I have a discount code for my Etsy shop, to you lovely people.

Just quote:TH4NKS100 for 10 percent discount on checkout. Hope you like the cake picture –  the candles are meant to say 100, not ‘Loo’ , I know, I know..



Bedtime reading


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I love reading a story to my daughters and I am one of those annoying mums that unsuccessfully attempts to vet library books, so nothing with ropey illustrations or a ropier story slips through the net. Current pick of the best are 2 lovely owl stories, one is a classic ‘Owl Babies’ written by Martin Waddell, illustrations by Patrick Benson (Walker books 1992). Illustrations are just beautiful and delicate:
owl babies









And a very funny, very different looking book: ‘A bit Lost’ by Chris Haughton (Walker Books 2010). I love the style, wit and vivid colour –  for some reason the Squirrel reminds me of Eddie Izzard?

a bit lost

Red Horse


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Just a doodle –  the weather is frosty, misty and very beautiful (but freezing). This popped into my head, but what’s in my head hasn’t really translated onto the paper, I bet Picasso never had that problem! It’s an idea that will float about for a while. I resisted the urge to work it up on the mac (and improve it). red horse blue frost


P.S My Valentines cards are now on sale, they are hand-painted to order so don’t leave it too late..

New year, new work!


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Happy New Year, happy  new materials and happy new work..valentines ideas Bought some beautiful little pots of ink, I haven’t worked with these for a while so it will be interesting to see where it leads.. Enjoying the freshness and speed of working. When Ive figured out the final ideas these will be available soon. Feedback happily accepted, thanks!

Happy Pangolin Tuesday


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I’ve just been reading about a list of species that are almost extinct but deemed too ugly to win the publicity needed to save them. How sad, my favourite on the list was the armour plated, Sunda Pangolin.  These have way more personality than a panda (yawn –  look cute/do nothing) This sketch isn’t the greatest but if anyone wants to write a children’s book about them I would be first in the queue to  illustrate it!

Owls and Apples


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Yesterday was Ely ‘Apple Festival’ –  a WHOLE day dedicated to celebration of the apple (There is a day in the summer dedicated to the eel but that’s another post). There were  some very beautiful owls from a local raptor center there, and I think my work could get quite owl obsessed for a while (a bit late on that trend bandwagon I know) The sleepy white barn owls and the feisty little owls with skinny bodies, tufty ears and huge orange eyes inspired this sketch (done from memory not Google images or crappy phone camera!)